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How to celebrate the New Year in the USA

Most likely, for any resident of Russia, the New Year is almost the first grandiose holiday. New Year in Russia is celebrated on a grand scale and spectacularly. They are waiting for him almost 2-3 weeks before his celebration, congratulating each other “on the upcoming” and translate english to hindi.

The situation is completely different in the US. Americans attach much more importance to the celebration of such dates as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween. But despite this, they celebrate the New Year in the USA with processions, colorful parades, concerts, and fireworks.

Celebrating the New Year in the United States on January 1 began in 1752. The celebration of the New Year came from the countries of Europe, where this holiday was celebrated with festivities and performances. The states, which at that time were British colonies, also inherited this tradition. January 1 is officially recognized as a holiday throughout the country, and in some states December 31 is also recognized as a non-working day.

The symbol of the New Year in the United States is a baby in a diaper, which grows throughout the year, turning into an old man. The personification of the ending year is an old man who gives up his duties to a new baby (the coming year). There is an analogy here with the ancient Roman god Janus, whose face was turned to the past, the other – to the future. That is why he was called two-faced.

Another common tradition with Russians in America is to start the new year with new plans, such as finding a new job, quitting smoking, or going on a trip. Americans make important decisions that will help improve lives.

Celebrate the New Year in the United States, as well as in Russia, in different ways. Someone in the family circle with relatives, friends, relatives, and someone attends events dedicated to the grandiose holiday. Thousands of people gather at such events and noisily celebrate the New Year with firecrackers, bells, chants, car horns … The most famous New Year’s Eve event since 1907 is the “drop of the ball” in Time Square at exactly midnight. On December 31, at 23.59 local time, a huge ball from a 23-meter height begins to descend on the square. It falls within 1 minute, and the last 10 seconds unanimously read off the last seconds of the outgoing year. After the ball touches the lower surface, the new year begins. This event is broadcast on the project, and the TV audience has more than a billion viewers. Other states and cities in America use different fall symbols. For example, symbols of fruits, pets, cars, that is, those objects that somehow symbolize the state (city).

celebrating the new year in americacelebrating the new year in the united states

The big events of the New Year include the pantomime parade and the tournament of roses. The pantomime parade is a 10-hour procession of clowns, dancers, musicians to the sound of flutes, pipes through the streets of the city. Dressed in colorful costumes, they walk under the leader of the King of Pantomime. The Tournament of Roses is not inferior in grandeur and brightness: these are fifty carnival floats decorated with roses of all varieties. For the first time, this tournament was held in the state of California, where residents wanted to show the mildness of winter weather. Due to its grandeur, brightness and unusualness, the Tournament of Roses has gained a large number of fans far beyond the borders of the state.