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Poetic translation

Since time immemorial, poetry and english to bangla translation has been an integral part of people’s lives. This is due to the desire of people to express their feelings and thoughts, shares them with other people through speech patterns characteristic of poetry. The most important thing in poetry, in my opinion, is the ability to reach out to hearts, to touch the feelings and depths of the human soul.

It is important to note that in the modern world, poetry includes not only the poems of great poets such as A.S. Pushkin, V.V. Mayakovsky and others, but also lyrics, advertising slogans that we meet everywhere.

If we talk about works of fiction, then the need for their translation into foreign languages ​​is quite obvious. But is there a need for poetry translation? Of course, there is such a need, but not every translator can cope with poetic translation. Many researchers believe that due to the peculiarities of poetry, such as rhythm, meter, poetic meter, rhyme and others, the possibility of its translatability is close to zero. Despite such pessimistic views on poetic translation, it is very relevant in our time.

When performing a poetic translation, be it a poem or a song, the translator must not only convey the meaning and mood of the original, but also preserve the size, poetic rhyme, so that when reading it it seems that the verse or the text of the song was originally written in the target language. It is also very important to convey the feelings, emotions and experiences laid down by the author of the original text.

Without a doubt, this is not an easy task! Therefore, a translator with a poetic talent is a real godsend for any translation agency!