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We live in an age of fast freeways, instant messaging about how translate spanish to english, and even quick microwave pizza.

Many tutors or self-taught books to the right and left are throwing promises that you can learn Italian in just one week. In the spirit of our hyperactive time, we offer you several ways to help you learn to speak Italian quickly and effectively without overworking yourself.

1 way – go to a country where they speak Italian
Have you dreamed of visiting Sicily for a long time? Or maybe, leafing through travel guides, your breath stopped at the sight of the ruins of Pompeii? Then go to Italy if you have the opportunity. The fastest way to learn Italian is to travel around Italy and immerse yourself in the language you are learning. Traveling in Italy will not only let you see the ruins of Rome, Renaissance masterpieces and Raphael’s paintings, but you will also learn how to pronounce “rrr” correctly.

2 way – join a group learning italian and japanese to english
Look around. Perhaps you will find people in your surroundings who would like to practice Italian with you. In many major cities there are study centers that can offer you not only Italian language courses, but also language exchange programs for students. You can also join Italian speaking groups, which are often sponsored by libraries or major language centres.

Method 3 – listening to radio and television
One of the key skills in learning a foreign language is understanding spoken language. These days, many cable companies broadcast programs in Italian for at least 1 hour a day, usually news channels. In addition, there are many Italian radio stations that you can connect to via the Internet.