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Zanzibar Island

The island of Zanzibar, or as it is also called the paradise resort of Zanzibar. Tanzanian archipelago in the past few years has become the main point of attraction for European tourists, and after them came up and Russian with It is understandable: cheaper than the Maldives, snow-white sand, azure water, palm trees, fresh fruit and sweet serenity. Where to stay?

There are more than 20 five-star hotels. The most luxurious: Hotel Melia Zanzibar, which is located in the village of Kivengwa, 11 km from the forest reserve Kichwele. It has: and a private beach, and a fitness center, and two outdoor pools with a tennis court. All rooms are designed in a modern style in pastel colors. You’ll have to leave ₽27,000 per night. A luxurious alternative, which is ₽2,000 more expensive, is the Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort in Pongu Township. In addition to the luxurious view, breakfast, outdoor pool with water slides and its own beach. You’ll get a free ride from the airport and even get an hour-long massage on arrival.
Lower category, but not inferior in service lodge (as all hotels in Tanzania are called, by the way) is Promised Land with a sea view 1 km from the village of Kitsimkazi-Mtendeni, surrounded by a tropical garden. It has traditional Zanzibari style, wooden furnishings, breakfast included, and snorkeling, biking and fishing available on site. The price per night is ₽4,000. For ₽3,000, a slightly cheaper room is available at Zava Nungwi Hotel in Nungwi Village. It has stylish interiors, mesmerizing views, breakfast included, and popular attractions like the Spanish Dancer Divers Center and Nungwi Beach are close by.
Not a bad family option would be a villa, on the island there are hundreds of them: Loft, eclectic, under the national colors, to suit any taste. The price depends on the remoteness of the ocean and the amenities, the cheapest option – 600 ₽ per day for a small kibitka and 50,000 ₽ for the huge, equipped with modern appliances house.
Rounding out the selection of accommodations is the most unusual example for accommodation, the Dome House with, with a price of 4,500 ₽ per night. It is called Alice`s Ecodome. White, made of natural materials, the accommodation option feels as if it takes you back to cave time. Nothing extra, a bed, a bathroom and a picturesque interior on the shores of the Indian Ocean.